“Pass the Peace” (But Not to Me)

LOL: "Don't you dare shake hands with me, or offer signs of peace, You lay a finger on me and I'll call for the police. Don't whisper 'Peace be with You,' this is the C of E, so bend the knee, say thou and thee, and keep your hands off me." more … [Read more...]

Like a Sea of Glass Mixed with Firefox

Whoa. If you use any form of Mozilla/Firefox, put about:mozilla in the address bar and prepare to be a little bit freaked out. … [Read more...]

W.H. Auden dressed as a beetle.

Does what it says on the tin. … [Read more...]

It just keeps going and going!!!

Russian Army singing "Spongebob Squarepants." In many many different settings! Via TKB. … [Read more...]

“The craziest figure skating costume”

The links are glorious. I count not one but two pairs of eye-boobs. … [Read more...]

“Heal Yourself, Skeletor”

At least scroll down to "I AM AT PEACE WITH MYSELF." Several good ones on page two also. … [Read more...]

“How John Cho Got Slapped Down By Morrissey”

Via SKTJ. This is your warning about cussin'. … [Read more...]