“Heal Yourself, Skeletor”

At least scroll down to "I AM AT PEACE WITH MYSELF." Several good ones on page two also. … [Read more...]

“How John Cho Got Slapped Down By Morrissey”

Via SKTJ. This is your warning about cussin'. … [Read more...]

Crude, possibly fake, but you know you can’t resist

"D--- You Autocorrect!" Best Texts of 2012. Via the Rattus. … [Read more...]

“If Only I’d Listened to Virtually Anyone”

...Ouch. Via Ratty. … [Read more...]

A papal punchline

Benedict XIV was also a snuff-taker. He is said to have once offered his snuffbox to the head of some religious order, who declined to take a pinch of snuff, saying, “Your Holiness, I do not have that vice,” to which the pope replied, “It is not a vice. If it were a vice you would have it.” --here; via … [Read more...]

“As I Lay Frying”

Sheer brilliance, via the Rattus. … [Read more...]

What the studio thought “Vertigo” should be called.

Or, Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Idiocy! (I mean, I actually love the kitschy glamour of The Mad Carlotta. But I am very glad that the studio did not get their way here.) Via Ratty. … [Read more...]