“Of Woe That Is in Marriage”

was my original and IMO more accurate title for this article, on the dearth of good books about painful marriages. … [Read more...]

“The Arts & Faith Top 25 Marriage Films”

for Valentine's Day. My review of The Face of Another btw. … [Read more...]

“The End of Premarital Sex”

The next installment in my marriage-and-family books series for Acculturated. … [Read more...]

From “Some Prefer Nettles”

Kaname had seen the Bunraku puppets once ten years before. He had not been impressed--he could in fact remember only that he had been intensely bored. Today he had come solely out of a sense of duty, expecting to be bored again, and he was somewhat astonished that he should almost against his will be drawn so completely into the play. He had grown older, he had to admit. ... A pair of conflicting emotions pressed themselves on him: old age brought its own pleasures and was not really to be … [Read more...]

“Sex in the Meritocracy”: Helen Rittelmeyer

w/a really good piece: I rather think Yale is plagued by an excess of moral purpose—that purpose being the pursuit of perfection, however perversely defined. Its students are not relativists; they are not even radicals. They are ordinary modern liberals, with all the earnestness and all the moral blind spots the term implies. Concepts like social responsibility and public service animate them greatly (not many Gordon Gekkos in this generation), honor and loyalty less so. Their code of sexual e … [Read more...]

From Junichiro Tanizaki, “Some Prefer Nettles”

tr. Edward G. Seidensticker: Clearly he would one day have to tell Hiroshi everything, to appeal to his reason. Kaname did not doubt that the boy would understand, and to deceive him seemed as reprehensible as to deceive a grownup. Neither he himself nor Misako was wrong, Kaname would say; what was wrong was outdated convention. The time would come when a child need think nothing of having divorced parents. He would go on being their child, and he could visit one or the other as he chose.So … [Read more...]

I review “Amour”

at AmCon. Spoilers. … [Read more...]