“Resilience and Sensitivity”

In which those who can't do teach, at AmCon! (And btw you really, really should read this piece by Michael Brendan Dougherty on growing up with a single mother.) … [Read more...]

Also, apparently his eyes fire lasers. Like a shark, you know?

John Cheese is a writer for Cracked whom I have praised to you people many times. I linked to this piece in my AmCon piece about the problems with the "divorce counterrevolution" and I've linked several of his other marriage/parenting/family/uh... other stuff-related articles at MarriageDebate (which by the way you should all be following). Plus he's provided me and my friends with a lot of much-needed gallows humor:"Quitting Smoking: Six Things You Notice About the Stupid World""Five … [Read more...]

Kathryn Edin has a new book coming out!

about unwed fathers. This is my opportunity to tell you guys that 2008's Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage, by Edin and Maria Kefalas, is probably the best book I've read on contemporary marriage and family life. It's been incredibly illuminating for my work at the pregnancy center. It's also very moving, and you can really tell that Edin and Kefalas lived with the women they write about, shared the same neighborhoods and built relationships there. … [Read more...]

“The Girl with the Most Wedding Cake”

I review a play, at AmCon. … [Read more...]

“Waiting for Gabriel: Learning to Pray through Infertility”

...The aftermath of our diagnosis was extraordinarily painful for both of us.  The diagnosis affected not simply our friendships, our own relationship, but particularly our spiritual lives.  If you speak to an infertile couple, committed to the Christian life, you’ll notice a pattern:  the sexual infertility gradually seeps into the life of prayer.  Each morning, I rise and ask God that Kara and I might finally have a child.  Seemingly, I encounter only the chilly silence of a seemingly ab … [Read more...]