“Marriage at the Movies”

I ask a question at AmCon, and Noah Millman gives some answers. … [Read more...]

I have, in fact, met a whole lot of girls like you before. Only better.

Just got back from the movie version of Bachelorette, which stars Kirsten Dunst. I reviewed the play version here. Some notes follow, but the most important note is: Don't see this movie. Seriously, just do not. I don't believe in advice and I rarely give it but in this case I will make an exception.That said, * Lizzy Caplan is really great! She is the only bright spot.* The movie removes one key monologue from the play (the one about "This is Marilyn Monroe!", if you've seen it) and … [Read more...]

In which MarriageDebate molts.

Doesn't that sound awful? But yes, my old snake has shed her skin, and I will now be posting the things I used to put here on the First Thoughts blog under the label "Kinship and Culture." You can see the first post, which explains the blog's purpose, here. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Featuring Melissa McCarthy, as Life Itself

I rang in my 34th birthday watching Bridesmaids with my best friend, and I really can't think of a better form of celebration. It is a very crude movie (it opens with a graphic bad-sex scene, which is cringingly, eyes-coveringly funny and painful), hilarious and poignant, with a real generosity of spirit. None of the women are pure cartoons meant only to be laughed at. Everybody is needy and trying, in often self-defeating ways, to reach out. Both friendship and marriage, and the fears, … [Read more...]

In which I look at ten years at a crisis pregnancy center (with extra links!)

First, my new article: For the past 10 years I’ve volunteered at the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, a pro-life Christian ministry in the troubled heart of Washington, D.C. Over this decade of listening to women in crisis, talking with them, helping them find the resources they need, praying with them, hugging them, sometimes inviting them into my home when they had no safe place to go, I’ve seen shifts in the culture of poor D.C. women. My own perspective has shifted as well. I wrote about my ea … [Read more...]

“Three Kinds of Argument on Family Structure”

in which I say that sociology is not the queen of the sciences. … [Read more...]

“Hope Away from Home”

In which I write up Laurence Yep's terrific children's book, The Serpent's Children. Review is spoilerous; book is highly recommended. With bonus resilience-and-sensitivity reference.... … [Read more...]