Kurt Browning’s Humility, Nicole Bobek’s Radiance, And Heteronormativity on Ice!

Last night I saw the Halloween on Ice tour in Richmond, VA. Because this is a full-service blog I will give you my impressions. The main thing is that you absolutely should go if you are in the market for a good old-fashioned skating cheesefest.Shawn Sawyer was the MVP. He's so much fun, and seems to have a gift for weird, creepy skating programs. Tons of cool extension moves and spirals and spins.Nicole Bobek did her aerial hoop thing, plus her characteristically beautiful spirals. Also … [Read more...]

“Flying Camels, Butterflies, And Twizzles”: In Which I am a Sports Correspondent

for the American Spectator: In early January, I attend my very first professional sports competition. The U.S. National Figure Skating Championships have already been going on for four days; the event sprawls over four disciplines and five age categories. I’m at Boston’s TD Garden to watch the senior men, including the two men we’ll be sending to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.Sport, like art, uses the limited body to hint at a world without limits. The ball soaring over the stands, the runne … [Read more...]

Sublime skating for Easter

I could watch this every day. So beautiful and poignant. … [Read more...]