“The Party of Prison Reform”: The Weekly Standard

Michael Hough—a second-term Republican state legislator from Frederick County, Md.—is about as conservative as blue-state legislators come. He played a prominent role in opposing the state’s new gay marriage law, holds an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, and received a 100 percent score from the state’s business lobby.The major focus of his legislative agenda, however, crushes any stereotypes that might come to mind, given his résumé. Hough wants to reform America’s prisons and … [Read more...]

“The Case Against Government Bans on Feeding the Homeless”: Reason

mag: ...I mention Elijah’s selflessness and generosity toward me and these two men for this startling reason: While Elijah’s act of sharing food with me would be legal virtually anywhere in this country, his decision to feed the homeless men who ate with us could be illegal in many cities today. The reason for this dramatic discrepancy boils down to this fact alone: I slept with a roof over my head, but the others slept under the stars.Such illogic has led cities like New York City, Phi … [Read more...]

“The Conservative Case Against More Prisons”

AmCon strikes again! Although for more on drug courts you could see here. … [Read more...]

“Congress Goes Bipartisan–Against Civil Liberties”: W James Antle III

at AmCon: At the very time it appears Washington is so dysfunctional that the two parties cannot get anything done, Democrats and Republicans cooperate regularly—when it it comes to jailing, spying on, and meting out extrajudicial punishments in ways that on their face contradict the Bill of Rights. more … [Read more...]

IRS vs nonprofit media

in USA Today: From National Geographic to Consumer Reports to the Associated Press, nonprofit media outlets have provided an important supplement to commercial media for many years. More recently, as newspapers around the country have contracted, a new wave of nonprofit news outlets has emerged — created by concerned journalists, citizens and communities to help plug the growing gaps in reporting caused by the shrinking budgets of traditional for-profit news sources.In 2009, the I … [Read more...]

“Who Is the US Helping in Honduras?”: The Fix

roundup: The Obama administration has expanded its anti-drug trafficking partnership with Honduras in recent years—but some claim that the US is inadvertently helping a corrupt government that actually has ties to the drug trade. The Associated Press has called the growing US military presence throughout the region "the most expensive initiative in Latin America since the Cold War." Since 2002, the buildup has reportedly cost US taxpayers over $20 billion for troops, ships, clandestine bases, ra … [Read more...]

“Bounce a Check? Go to Jail.”

More Reason: The Dallas Observer published a feature this week on folks who inadvertently bounce a check, which isn’t illegal, and find themselves faced with threats of prosecution. more (this is the Observer article, but the post at the Reason link adds some additional thoughts) … [Read more...]