Concussion Diary: And Then Socrates Collapsed Upon the Couch, Proclaiming, “I Cannot Smell My Feet.”

So a week ago yesterday I fainted and concussed myself. It's all fine, they know now why it happened and it's a truly minor medical condition for which the only lasting treatment is, "Drink more water," but I have manfully restrained the urge to whine on social media and my manfulness is at its end. This is what my week has been.WEDNESDAY I saw a movie called Demon, a Polish joint about a man marrying into a (formerly?) Jewish family, who begins to be stalked by the ghost of a Jewish girl. I … [Read more...]

Random Wodehouse Quote Generator!

`Unhappily,' said the bishop, `my wife has instructed me to give the vacant vicarage to a cousin of hers. A fellow,' he added bitterly, `who bleats like a sheep and doesn't know an alb from a reredos.'More!Via the man behind Overlawyered. … [Read more...]