In which I look at ten years at a crisis pregnancy center (with extra links!)

First, my new article: For the past 10 years I’ve volunteered at the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, a pro-life Christian ministry in the troubled heart of Washington, D.C. Over this decade of listening to women in crisis, talking with them, helping them find the resources they need, praying with them, hugging them, sometimes inviting them into my home when they had no safe place to go, I’ve seen shifts in the culture of poor D.C. women. My own perspective has shifted as well. I wrote about my ea … [Read more...]

Interview with “Beasts of the Southern Wild” director

is a mixed bag for sure, but I liked this glimpse into where he was coming from. My review (spoilery) is here. … [Read more...]

“A Provocative Essay on Law and Order”

Reihan Salam comments. I haven't read the essay itself yet, but wanted to point you to Salam's excerpts and notes, and will definitely read it since the world the essay describes is largely the one I'm exploring in the novel I'm working on, about martial artists in a futuristic prison. The excerpts in the Salam piece seem right-on to me.ETA: more. … [Read more...]

Girls Like Violence

I review a show of George Bellows's paintings and prints, at AmCon. … [Read more...]

“The Beasts and Children”

My take on Beasts of the Southern Wild. Spoilerrific so the short version is that it's totally worth seeing! … [Read more...]


--Crass, apparently. And they seem to think this is a bad thing but I'm not so sure it is. ...Link via Jesse Walker, probably. … [Read more...]

“Probation Fees Multiply as Companies Profit”

via Jesse Walker. … [Read more...]