“Might You Be Simcha Fisher? A Quiz”

if not, why not? 2. When someone asks how many kids you actually have, you’re likely to say:(a) “Two.”(b) “Exactly the right number. Hashtag blessed! Hashtag soblessed!”(c) “I don’t like to impose my own numeronormative notions of quantity on them, so I’m going to let them grow up and decide for themselves how many of them there are.”(d) Tearfully, “I dunno.” more … [Read more...]

What Sacramental Marriage Isn’t: Simcha Fisher

yeah: ...I am glad that Smith understands so well that the grace of marriage is something that must be actively pursued, consciously acted upon. And I hope that her confidence in her husband is rewarded with unbroken faithfulness and love, and that she will not be shattered when she discovers that he does have flaws. I hope that people read her piece and realize that it makes sense to look hard for a spouse who is trustworthy.But I hope to God she is never involved in any kind of marriage … [Read more...]

“Here We Are”: Simcha Fisher on the sacrifices you DIDN’T expect

this is great: These things are all sacrifices, and worthy ones.  But then my kids got older, and started to reveal that they were actual people, and not blank slates for me to write on, or duplicates of myself.  And I found myself face to face with a whole new kind of sacrifice:  sacrificing your idea of what kind of mother I was -- my idea of what it means to be a mother.This one is hard, hard, hard.  Everyone knows what a struggle it is to give up something bad in favor of something goo … [Read more...]

“How to Give Charitably, But More Charitably”

Simcha Fisher, for you last-minuters. … [Read more...]

Let’s play You Should Be Grateful

When Wilde extended a hand, he made no move to take it. "Prayer is the only thing that can console you in this place, prisoner. I trust you understand that. Prayer and a true spirit of repentance." --Robert Reilly, The God of Mirrors (of which more later)There's a way of saying true things so that they become false, and a couple recent posts by Catholic women bloggers have drawn attention to one of those ways. First, here's Calah Alexander sharpening her fangs on a self-righteous article … [Read more...]

“Much Ado About Vocations”

Simcha Fisher is making sense. … [Read more...]