“What We Taught Children to Do to Other Children”

Indiegogo site raising money for Fix My Kid, a documentary on the abuses of the “troubled teen industry.” (More here.) [Read more...]

Two Very Different Links About Prison

First of all, America’s prison population is finally falling. Via Jesse Walker, I think. Second, “Tenth and Greenwich (Women’s House of Detention)” is pretty amazing, and you should give it a spin. Via Helen Rittelmeyer. [Read more...]

“Will the Great US Penal Reform Tip the Balance for Addicts?”: The Fix

feature: …Now, after decades of runaway incarceration fueled greatly by the War on Drugs, California is in the midst of what one expert calls “the biggest penal experiment in modern history,” diverting tens of thousands of inmates from state prisons to local supervision. California’s so-called realignment leads a growing pack of sentencing and legal reforms [Read More...]

UPDATE to Mexican Drug-War Journalism Story: Plagiarism, Self-Promotion?

At least some part of this story may be false. See here and here. THANKS to GJP on Facebook. (If you try to click the Blog del Narco links here they’re broken, but you can see the stories on BDN’s front page and they do pretty clearly seem to be plagiarized.) [Read more...]

“Mexico Relies on Social Media for Drug War News”: The Fix–UPDATED

reports: With most mainstream media sources silenced by fear of the drug cartels, social media has become a safer way for Mexicans to stay informed about the drug war-related violence continuing to rage throughout the country. more [UPDATE: At least some part of this story may be false. See here and here. THANKS to GJP [Read More...]

I Suppose Character Assassination Is Still Better Than the Other Kind

but this little tale of the hunt for dirt on Glenn Greenwald should make you a) think of the worst or most shameful things you’ve ever done, b) ask yourself whether it could be reconstructed from your credit card bills, legal records, social media, security camera footage, or internet history, and then c) keep in [Read More...]

Years of Solitary Confinement. Lightless Cells with Plastic Bags Instead of Toilets.

Rats sold as pets? The grim tabloid conditions of “One of the Darkest Periods in the History of American Prisons”: It has been an extraordinary three weeks in the history of the American penal system, perhaps one of the darkest periods on record. In four states, from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, from the Gulf [Read More...]

“Even Law-Abiding People…”: Tim Carney

makes a whole bunch of good points: …In other words, why should law-abiding citizens mind federal surveillance? The answer begins with this distressing reality: None of us scrupulously obeys the law. Technically speaking, we’re all criminals. Federal and state criminal statutes have multiplied like rabbits over the decades, and so now everyone breaks the law, [Read More...]

Glenn Greenwald on Whistleblowers (Also the Pet Shop Boys)

This dynamic – the hallmark of a healthy and free society – has been radically reversed. Now, they know everything about what we do, and are constantly building systems to know more. Meanwhile, we know less and less about what they do, as they build walls of secrecy behind which they function. That’s the imbalance [Read More...]

“Five Insane Laws Written Specifically to Harass Poor People”: Look, It’s Cracked

so it is not exactly a Brookings Institute report, but, well, I wouldn’t read a Brookings Institute report and neither should you. [Read more...]