Sandy Denny, “Late November”

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A Halloween Art Show from Kate McDowell

I was reminded of these haunting, somewhat horrifying sculptures of birds and lungs and birds who live in lungs, etc, by Jendi Reiter. Enjoy! Be unsettled! … [Read more...]

“Wounded Beauty”: Me in America

magazine, talking about horror films and the sublime: I love horror movies because they show me the sublime. I love them for a lot of other reasons too, I admit, depending on my mood. I don’t believe in a grand, unified theory of horror, or of any other genre of film; most genres are a welter of traditions and counter-traditions. Sometimes you want to see evil defeated by the triumphant “final girl”; at other times, by contrast, you want to see that even the most competent and loving heroines ca … [Read more...]

Maria Callas, “Ave Maria”

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“Dance of Creation”: I Review the Fantastic Ballets Russes Exhibit

at the National Gallery: ...It’s ambitious, and it mostly works. Even the walk over to the exhibit feels like a part of the show: In the cool, white, high-ceilinged landing of the gallery, you walk past George Segal’s 1971 plaster sculpture The Dancers, in which a ring of four calm and focused women practice their moves. From this image of peace and clarity you suddenly enter the dark, exotic, lush world of the Ballets Russes exhibit: a world of inspiration and ecstasy. The walls are close, the … [Read more...]

The Apocalypse Art Prize

bring the kids!: Benefactors of the Apocalypse Art Prize are hoping artists will respond to Thomas’ encouragement to explore an artistic language with a long shelf life as well as a source of subjects with endless opportunities “for imaginative representation.”Participation in the competition is free and open to all during the year 2013. Winners will be announce June 1, 2014 and awarded prizes according to the age category of the participant.1. Participants 16 years and older compete for … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Obedience

After I spoke on that panel in New York last night, some of the organizers took us out to dinner. They mentioned that this was the last of three panels on Gay Catholic Whatnot (the first two having been on Scripture and moral theology, I think), and we discussed whether it made sense to open out the discussion to broader topics. I think the organizers were probably right to avoid bringing in new tangentially-related topics like e.g. Women in the Church, but if I got to pick the most important … [Read more...]