I review “Amour”

at AmCon. Spoilers. … [Read more...]

“Life after near-death: Why surviving is only the beginning”

...Patricia had been more severely injured than her husband, which may explain to some extent the differences in their responses. Because the bear bit into her face, she had repeated operations on her sinuses. Within weeks of each surgery, infection would set in again. More surgery would follow. Her head and face ached all the time. Patricia needed to experience her body healing in order to make progress, and that just wasn't happening.Also, their experiences of the attack had been different … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

“I Refuse to Let Child Abuse Define Me”

More schools should do this. (and a related post here.) … [Read more...]

Fyodor Dostoevsky, “The House of the Dead,” I can’t find the name of the translator

Yes, man is a pliable animal--he must be so defined--a being who gets accustomed to everything! … [Read more...]

Well I don’t even know her…

Some thoughts about Monster, the based-on-a-true-story in which Charlize Theron plays Aileen Wuornos, the so-called "first American female serial killer." This post is about the movie; everything I know about the real person I learned from Riot Grrrl zines, so this post is not about her.Everyone talks about how Theron gained weight and wore fake teeth for this movie. But what struck me was the way she moved. Her turned-down smile and her itchy, cadging, jockeying movements reminded me so … [Read more...]

Interview w/Wesley Hill on “Young Evangelicals and the Culture Wars”

this is the guy who wrote the best single book I've read on Gay Christian Whatnot. Part one; part two. His answer to the last question in part one is esp on-point. … [Read more...]