Contrarian to the Stars: I Defend the “Star Trek” Episodes You Hate

I have finally finished my epic rewatch of "Star Trek: The Original Series." (Previous posts here, here.) The final stretch was defined by my discovery that lots of supposedly terrible episodes are either genuinely good, or better than I'd remembered.There is one exception. That exception is, of course, Spock's Brain.Let's do this thing. Bread and Circuses, infamous for supposedly pushing Christianity with Uhura's final line, "Not the sun in the sky, Mr. Spock--the Son of God!", is … [Read more...]

“The Far-Out Sci-Fi Costume Parties of the Bauhaus School in the 1920s”: Ring in the New Year Right

with some retro-futurism: As we get ready to tell yet another year to kiss our collective asses on its way out the door, that also means it’s almost time for that annual liver-killing bacchanal known as New Year’s Eve. But no matter what you have planned this year, I’m fairly certain that your party will not even come close to the costume parties thrown by students and teachers of Germany’s Bauhaus school back in the 1920s. more; via WKO … [Read more...]

Devils in the Dark: My “Star Trek: TOS” Rewatch Continues

(part one)I'm into season two now. Some things I'm noticing:* The writers are very consistent with the message that peacemaking is unnatural to human beings. We're the savage species, the killers who for some reason decided to go out to the stars to answer cries for help. This seriously comes up every other episode (it's part of what they use Spock's alienness for) and it adds so much emotional resonance to the (less-consistent) peacemaking itself. I am not a fan of ST:TNG so I'm the … [Read more...]

The Retro-Future Is Ours, Captain!: I Rewatch “Star Trek: The Original Series”

We got a VCR fairly early, and my sister taped all the reruns of the original and at that time only Star Trek, until we had a whole cabinet full of Kirk. I rewatched these tapes constantly. Kirk and Uhura were between the two of them my first crushes. (Also that one kid Esteban from The Mysterious Cities of Gold.) This summer my Netflix queue, which circles the earth like the Midgard Serpent, finally wound its way to the first season of ST:TOS, so I've been revisiting my old love. Does it hold … [Read more...]

“10 Sexy Vintage Halloween Costumes”: I Can’t Believe

I have another opportunity to use my "eye-boobs" tag.see the calamities! (via Libresco) … [Read more...]

Do not adjust your set!

Awesome tv-glitch wooden cabinet. Via SKTJ. … [Read more...]

“Building Blocs: An exhibit at the intersection of politics, art, and urban design”

My review of a MoMA show, in the Weekly Standard: The phrase “political architecture” evokes the idea of architecture for and by politicians: a blank-faced Ministry of Truth; a giant Mussolini head on a wedding cake; or just the sullen civic compromises which remove anything distinctive because it might be offensive. And “architecture for the people” has mostly meant architecture imposed on the people, with the government as landlord. You’ll live in my future and you’ll like it!This show at … [Read more...]