Misconceptions: A “Gay and Catholic” Book Extra

So I initially planned to write this post listing the many weird personal judgments people project onto me when they hear that I'm gay and celibate for religious reasons. I'd then go through the different misconceptions and point out how they're false w/r/t my own life and/or that of other gay celibate people I know.But then I asked myself, "What are you hoping to accomplish with this post?"These projections or Internet diagnoses reflect the fact that for many people my witness lacks … [Read more...]

“Green Leaves, Red Flames, And Glimpses of Vocation”: Some Lovely Stuff

from A Queer Calling: ...One summer while on retreat, I sat at the dinner table nearly every evening with a priest who seemed to understand my uncertainty intuitively. Frequently, I asked him questions about how he understood the role of celibacy in his vocation to the priesthood, if he experienced loneliness, and if he had any regrets about forgoing marriage. This priest could tell that I wasn’t casually exploring monastic life with no real intention of committing to a celibate vocation of s … [Read more...]

“Here We Are”: Simcha Fisher on the sacrifices you DIDN’T expect

this is great: These things are all sacrifices, and worthy ones.  But then my kids got older, and started to reveal that they were actual people, and not blank slates for me to write on, or duplicates of myself.  And I found myself face to face with a whole new kind of sacrifice:  sacrificing your idea of what kind of mother I was -- my idea of what it means to be a mother.This one is hard, hard, hard.  Everyone knows what a struggle it is to give up something bad in favor of something goo … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

Interview w/Wesley Hill on “Young Evangelicals and the Culture Wars”

this is the guy who wrote the best single book I've read on Gay Christian Whatnot. Part one; part two. His answer to the last question in part one is esp on-point. … [Read more...]

Don’t cover my face with your heart–a quick addendum on “My Peace I Give You”

My one specific criticism of Dawn Eden's new book, My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints (featured on the Patheos Book Club! and here's my actual, positive review of it), is in her recommendation of Courage as part of the resource guide at the end of the book.Courage is the official US Catholic ministry for people with same-sex attraction. I know a bunch of people who have been a part of it on and off over the years, and I've done some social things with the … [Read more...]

“Waiting for Gabriel: Learning to Pray through Infertility”

...The aftermath of our diagnosis was extraordinarily painful for both of us.  The diagnosis affected not simply our friendships, our own relationship, but particularly our spiritual lives.  If you speak to an infertile couple, committed to the Christian life, you’ll notice a pattern:  the sexual infertility gradually seeps into the life of prayer.  Each morning, I rise and ask God that Kara and I might finally have a child.  Seemingly, I encounter only the chilly silence of a seemingly ab … [Read more...]