“Why We Self-Published”: Sherwood Smith

inside the cow with six stomachs and a ten-acre digestive tract: Why the delays? My understanding is that publishing houses have changed a lot in the past forty years, partly because they’ve been scooped up by mega-corporations who regard books as product units, meant to gain instant profit or be dropped. And at minimal cost at their end, which means no more editorial staffs: editors are doing what used to be three and sometimes four people’s full time jobs, which means reading actual man … [Read more...]

Noah Millman on Indie Films

Relevant to ye olde Catholicke wrytour conversation, as well as interesting in itself: As films get cheaper to make, and as the theatrical audience continues to shrink, independent film looks more and more like independent music. That has implications for distribution strategies. more … [Read more...]

“Bloggers Sell Books”: Useful in Light of Catholic-Fiction Discussion

this is a chord: In a recent Wall Street Journal article (1) it was noted that books by 60 self published authors have been acquired by traditional publishers.  2012 was definitely the year of the self published author from E.L. James to Tammara Weber to Colleen Hoover.  While there are some bloggers who are resistant to reviewing self published books, the rise of the self published author could not have occurred without three things:Robust digital market made possible by the adoption of t … [Read more...]

What Are the Right Questions About Catholic Fiction?

Eight thoughts on Dana Gioia's "The Catholic Writer Today." It's a listicle, because we live in a degenerate age.* Look, let me get this out of my system: We all know that First Things publishes basically this same essay once a year, right? Here's me teething on the last one I can remember. Gioia's is the best one I've read so far, but I have read way too many of them, and they all have the same GIANT FRUSTRATING LACUNAE. Stop publishing this article. You've published Gioia's version now and … [Read more...]

Aren’t you down for doing something positive in the community?

I actually like this idea a lot: Rarely do you see venues pair professional touring bands with local high school bands on the same bill the way that FAA has done since the beginning. FAA is one of the only places in the country, if not THE only place in the country, where a high school band has been able to open for a national touring act a couple weeks after they played on Late Night with David Letterman.The response to this has been overwhelming. Younger musicians obviously love it. They a … [Read more...]