“Ghost Stories for Christmas”: Kindertrauma

makes some solid recommendations: I’ll be watching both Black Christmases this holiday season along with assorted Silent Nights but I decided to take a break as far as posting about them. I feel that anyone who has done a “Help Mrs. Mac Find Her Hidden Hooch” puzzle has done their due. After seven years the idea of writing about the usual horror Christmas flicks made me want to hang myself like a stocking and that’s not very Christmas-y at all (unless you consider the statistics.) Unfortunately … [Read more...]

From a Boris Karloff whisper to a buried-alive scream

Last night I watched Isle of the Dead: produced by Val Lewton, directed by Mark Robson, and starring Boris Karloff. YES PLEASE. Karloff is just terrific in whatever role directors find for him. He was phenomenal as a slimy divinity student in Five-Star Final and he's fearsome here as a merciless Greek general.The movie is set on a remote Greek island--cue Lewtonish classical allusions--whose inhabitants are menaced by either the septicemic plague, or the vampire-like Vorvolaka. The … [Read more...]