“City of God”: Love and Rocket

I watched the 2003 favela gangster film City of God last night, and I have little to add to Victor Morton's insightful review: ...[T]he hyper-caffeinated style in CITY OF GOD is just breathtaking and entertaining as all get-go — the orange-clay look of the 50s segment, a bravura one-shot dissolve through the history of a single room in the favela over decades, the repeated freeze-frames, a 360-degree stop-motion shot, the great sequence of Benny’s “leaving the life” party. And it’s not all that … [Read more...]

I review “Amour”

at AmCon. Spoilers. … [Read more...]

A Very Ingmar Bergman Christmas

in which I stare at Winter Light like a Dostoyevskyan married couple staring at a spider. The comments are already interesting, and you should go make them even more so! … [Read more...]