“Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head”: Me on VS Naipaul

at Acculturated: From Gothic novels to indie-rock lyrics, the house is a mirror of the troubled family within it. V.S. Naipaul’s 1961 novel A House for Mr Biswas is another one of these broken-home narratives; the Trinidadian novelist presents a surprisingly moving satire of arranged marriage and thwarted ambition.Mohun Biswas—always referred to by the narrator as “Mr Biswas,” even while he’s still a baby—lives in a makeshift, repurposed, patched and jerry-built world. Every surface is descr … [Read more...]

From VS Naipaul, “A House for Mr Biswas”

Govind and Mr Biswas had not spoken since their fight. By carrying Mr Biswas in his arms Govind had put himself on the side of authority; he had assumed authority's power to rescue and assist when there was need, authority's impersonal power to forgive. … [Read more...]