“Saint Nicholas of Myra Saves Three Innocents from Death”

Ho, ho, ho! (Link via TKB.) … [Read more...]

Hidden gem in Hartford: the Wadsworth Athenaeum

Before the storm hit, Ratty and I visited the Wadsworth Athenaeum, a really terrific art museum in Hartford, CT. The selection is great: Dali, Degas, Chagall, an unusual Munch landscape, a fun painting of "Gossiping Women" by none other than Goya, etc. There are little delights like a porphyry bathtub from ancient Rome, an ostrich ewer made from an ostrich egg, and for some reason a stuffed gar. There are depictions of scenes and people I'm not sure I've seen before in art: a statue of Sappho, … [Read more...]

“St. Francis Borgia and the Dying Impenitent”

Got that in with forty minutes left in his feast day! Looks awful at this size though, sorry. Anyway this is Goya and yes, the subject was one of the Borgias. Every family's got its embarrassing relative.... … [Read more...]

“Six Saints with Superpowers Straight from the Marvel Universe”

"Though we think the real unsung hero of this story was his audience. If he was preaching the whole time he was walking around headless, then somebody was presumably listening. We have enormous respect for anyone who sees a headless guy walking toward them with blood spurting from a ragged neck stump, carrying a head that is offering them an inspirational message of salvation, and is able to actually listen to and absorb what the head is saying." Cracked, so the usual warnings apply.And … [Read more...]

Bernini’s St. Lawrence

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From Raymond J. Nogar, “The Lord of the Absurd”

Father Teilhard’s vision [of order and beauty in the cosmos] seems to have all the qualities of the old myth of the eternal return, in which history is really incidental and novelty is, at bottom, only apparent. In his cosmic order, even Christ the Lord of history finds His “place” at the center, and the contradiction of the Cross is quite logical and expected. In that world, there is no terror, no trickery, no trouble…. The God of the strange world of Father Teilhard is not the one I have come t … [Read more...]

Butch and Femme Metaphors in the Spiritual Life: The Revenge

An addition to the end of my post about Brave: "Surrender" is one way of conceiving of Christian faith and practice; it's a metaphor. It's probably the metaphor which speaks most deeply to me. But there are lots of other possible metaphors out there: discovery, spiritual warfare, and liberation, for example.If one metaphor is pushed to the exclusion of all the others, you can end up with serious misunderstandings of the faith. Overemphasizing submission to God can leave people feeling … [Read more...]