Cartoon Versions of Wilde Fairy Tales

"The Happy Prince" and "The Selfish Giant," from the 1970s. … [Read more...]

Confirming all my suspicions: Oscar Wilde edition

The less you care about the Crucifixion, the less I will gain from your reading of Wilde's writing. Period, comma. (Provoked by this book, which is his dissertation I think and therefore much is forgivable, but also Camille Paglia.) … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

How Green Was My Carnation

The God of Mirrors, by Robert Reilly, is a soapy little novel about Oscar Wilde. It basically goes through the historical record imagining what each triumph or disaster might have felt like. There are lots of Wilde epigrams and assorted flotsam throughout the book, not always placed in a way which makes sense (there's an allusion to the Marquess of Queensberry looking like a misshapen dwarf at the court of the Spanish infanta, which is... an unusual choice given that the dwarf is the hero of … [Read more...]