Christmas movies: “The Conversation”

I talk about The Conversation at the University Bookman. But what am I really saying? … [Read more...]

“The Middle of Sexual Identity”

in which I review Jenell Williams Paris's The End of Sexual Identity. … [Read more...]

“Black & White Vernacular in American Sign Language”

Interesting in its own right, and I especially wonder if the comment about the black ASL sign for "pregnant" is true. … [Read more...]

“As I Lay Frying”

Sheer brilliance, via the Rattus. … [Read more...]

Mark Shea on one of my pet obsessions

(All my pets are obsessions.) But no, I'm amazed at how often we cut ourselves off from a way of life which would be immensely fruitful for us, because we don't identify with something we view as its central metaphor. See previous posts here (top post) and here. Shea: This phenomenon of Evangelicals discovering truths of Catholic theology by accident happens quite often.  I have thought more than once that it might be handy to compile a Catholic/Evangelical phrasebook that would allow both … [Read more...]

“Something understood”? Not always… least not by the one who prays. I like this post on prayer ("Christ in one place, Christ in a diametrically opposed place"), and I like that most of the commenters are posting quotations rather than their own thoughts. It seems apropos. Here's an old piece I wrote on repetitive prayer.(Title reference.) … [Read more...]

The lore and foreign language of schoolchildren

AN OLD friend immigrated from Russia to New Jersey when he was small.  When asked if he spoke Russian, he would say he speaks "kitchen Russian": the kind of things your mum says to you around the house. It's a good phrase to describe the competence of a lot of immigrants in their "heritage language".  They can argue fluently with their parents about how late they can stay out, but if asked to write a short essay on their three favourite scientific discoveries, they'd be completely lost. F … [Read more...]