“Five Ways Delivering Food Is Like Living in a Tarantino Movie”

Cracked is so variable these days so I figured I'd highlight a recent article I really enjoyed, by an author whose name I didn't recognize. (The ones I always read are John Cheese and Kristi H, and I like a lot of Buchholz's stuff too.) The final tipping story is just... a peek into the howling vortex of human evil. LOL! … [Read more...]

“The Jobs of the Future Don’t Require a College Degree”: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

at Forbes: We’re all talking about the “jobs of the future” and “winning the future” and transitioning to a “knowledge economy.” Since predictions are hard, especially about the future, it’s a good idea to look at some data.And it looks like we have some of it.... more (and see also: "Avg student loan debt of Class of 2013 is $30K") … [Read more...]