Family Guy: Blue Harvest

At the recommendation of several of my students, I watched the Family Guy – Blue Harvest, the Family Guy Star Wars parody episode. Although there was a fair bit of rude humor and other aspects that are not for the faint hearted, some of it was so well done as to deserve a recommendation. Among [Read More...]

Nosrim wa-Minim = Nasuraiia wa-Mandaiia?

Scholars of both the Bible and Rabbinic literature will be familiar with discussions of the Eighteen Benedictions (Shemoneh Esreh) and the debates about the history and original form of the “birkat ha-minim”, the “blessing (i.e. cursing) of the heretics”. Many New Testament scholars have intersected with this subject as it has been discussed in connection [Read More...]

Intelligent Design Is Pure Science…

“Intelligent Design is pure science” has been the claim of the movement associated with this name from the outset. And now you can read about it in a brand new book that explains what Intelligent Design is. The foreword to the book is written by a well-known conservative Christian apologist (and one of the authors [Read More...]