In The Mail

A copy of the latest book by James D. G. Dunn, Did The First Christians Worship Jesus?, arrived in the mail today. I ordered it from the UK. I’m eagely looking forward to reading it – and not only because the index indicates there’s substantial interaction with The Only True God. [Read more...]

Jesus and History around the Web

Several articles and blog posts have popped up in the past day or so about Jesus and history. These two links seemed particularly worth sharing… Biblical Archaeology Review is offering a number of articles by a variety of scholars and authors, under the heading 24 Hours That Changed The World. Brian Bethune writes an article for Macleans about what historians can and [Read More...]

Robot Rights and Responsibilities

It is interesting that, on a day that my Religion and Sci-Fi class was talking about robot rights, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster posted photos from a protest demanding equal rights for gay robots: With rights come responsibilities, and so here is a link to a blog post from 2007, about the first [Read More...]

La Bergamote

I had a wonderful time in New York City. In addition to enjoying having the opportunity to teach on Acts as well as compare Lukan and Johannine Christologies, and to meet with GTS students and faculty, it was nice simply to be back in New York. Yesterday morning I had breakfast at a wonderful little [Read More...]

A Dangerous Person

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to visit New York City, if only for a day, and teach a guest class at General Theological Seminary. Before the class, I had a chance to meet Deirdre Good (whose blog has one of the most interesting titles in the blogosphere) and chat over espresso about Mandaeans [Read More...]

LOST Links: Ab Aeterno

There’s plenty of reflection and discussion taking place about last night’s episode of LOST, Ab Aeterno, in which not only a white rock but the Black Rock were involved. Here are some links: Nik at NightPaul Levinson’s Infinite RegressIO9Galactica Variants In light of this sneak peek from next week’s episode, I wonder whether the smoke [Read More...]

LOST Satisfaction

Tonight’s episode of LOST was, I think, immensely satisfying for both of the major categories of viewers: those who care about the characters most, and those who are more interested in solving the mysteries. SPOILERS FOLLOW. Tonight’s episode answered one major question – we learned just how old Richard Alpert is, and where he came [Read More...]

Review Me Meme

Following Joel’s example, Geoff has now offered a review of me. This is starting to seem bizarre, but far be it from me to dictate to the biblioblogosphere what we should do. And so here is the assignment of anyone reading this (you’ve been tagged!): review another blogger. Not their blog, not their publications, but [Read More...]

Reviewed for the First Time

Sure, I’ve had my books reviewed, and critical analysis of things I have written in articles, or said in conference papers, or posted on my blog. But this is different. Joel Watts…has reviewed me!!! [Read more...]

Origins: The Age Of The Earth

Age of the Earth View more presentations from John Lynch. HT A Simple Prop [Read more...]

The Demiurge (and Other Folks) in the Biblioblogosphere

Michael Bird suggests that Gnosticism originated in a Jewish context. I am inclined to agree, particularly in light of my work on the Mandaeans. More should be done to compare Gnosticism with other examples of one group’s god(s) becoming another group’s demon(s). There are examples from Egypt’s history of a deity being demoted or reinterpreted, as well [Read More...]