Answers in Genesis Cartoon Fixed

Bruce Gerencser shared a cartoon from Answers in Genesis on a recent post. It clearly had the labels the wrong way around, and so I fixed them:

If anything reflects the activity of the eternal Word of God, it is the natural world, which no human being created or could create. And if there is anything that reflects fallible changing human opinions, it is the Bible, which is demonstrably the work of human authors, and whose varied viewpoints can be traced even by those who engage in a relatively superficial study of its contents.

Either the cartoon was a mistake, or Answers in Genesis purports the reverse to be true. If the latter, it is clear evidence of how twisted their worldview is, and how deceitfully it deals with both the Bible and the evidence from the cosmos.

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  • Brian Bowman

    > the eternal Word of God, it is the natural world

    Amen brother. The ‘Verse. The One Verse (a.k.a., uni-verse.)

  • stewart
    • Brian Bowman

      Love it. Thanks!