Evolution Saturday: Resources from the National Center for Science Education

It is Evolution Weekend, and so to help you celebrate this “Evolution Saturday”, here is the text of the latest circular e-mail from the National Center for Science Education, packed full of useful resources and interesting articles: _______________________________________________Kevin Padian argues in the pages of Geotimes for improving evolution education by starting with the textbooks. The [Read More...]

Evolutionists, Darwinism and Crackpot Theories

Recently someone told me they were “not an evolutionist”. I was less surprised by the “not” than by the term “evolutionist”. In my mind, for there to be an “ist” there has to be a corresponding “ism”, yet I am not familiar with the term “evolutionism”. There is “creationism”, which deserves the “ism” at the [Read More...]

Don’t Forget About The Evolution Weekend Blog-A-Thon!

Don’t forget that this is EVOLUTION WEEKEND! If you have a blog, please blog about evolution and religion at least once this weekend! Now, on to a recap of some recent activity in the blogosphere… Stranger Fruit has a post that should not be missed, about a conference at which a scientist connected with the [Read More...]

LOST in Speculation

This is a post that will give free reign to some probably ludicrous speculations about LOST. Feel free to read and to critique them. Who is Ben’s man on the freighter? And why have they come here on a freighter rather than some other kind of ship? Michael, some have observed, could well be Ben’s [Read More...]

Confirmed LOST

Why name the latest episode of LOST “confirmed dead“? An overview of the episode will help answer this. Be warned – this post is basically one big collection of spoilers, an overview of the episode. As I guessed, the images of what was supposedly Oceanic Flight 815 at the bottom of the Indian Ocean featured [Read More...]

Uncommented Descent

Someone on the forum After The Bar Closes has drawn attention to the “Comment Policy” at Uncommon Descent. It is in fact the comment moderation policy, and I find it fascinating. This is how the moderators there understand their role: “The main thing to remember is that moderators are editors and it’s their job to [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

I’m wondering if I should just rename these regular posts sharing other interesting items from other blogs should be permanently renamed “Lost in the Blogosphere”. For the next several weeks at least, it is unlikely that any of these posts will fail to mention LOST. At any rate, I have no particular speculations about tonight’s [Read More...]

Quote Of The Day (SBCOutpost)

“All I’m asking is for evangelicals in the Republican Party to give James Dobson the same kind attention we would give to our senile and increasingly erratic grandfathers. Love them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Then make sure they take their medicine” (SBC Outpost blog entry “Focus on the Folly”) (HT Bene Diction Blogs [Read More...]

When The Cdesign Proponentsists Set Their Mind To Doing Real Scientific Research

The blog All Too Common Dissent has a blog entry about the Discovery Institute setting up The Biologic Institute to undertake real, serious scientific research. The institute was established in 2005. It is now 2007. What have they accomplished thus far? Apparently not even setting up their web page… Who needs parody, then the reality [Read More...]

Make Your Own Cartoons

For those who love a good cartoon on a topic of interest, there is no longer a need to either wait for one to appear in the paper, or wish you were a better artist. Now there is Toonlet, which facilitates making short comic strips. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to. If [Read More...]

The Argument From Incredulity

“I can’t imagine how this could possibly have happened. Therefore, it didn’t happen”. The argument from incredulity is a classic used by young-earth creationists, and more recently by cdesign proponentsists. Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent begins by posing the question “which came first, the caterpillar or the butterfly” and then goes on to present this [Read More...]