Happy 4th of July!

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Sermon on the Amount

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Trust People More

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Beyond Superman as Christ Figure

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Big Bang Construction Company

I saw this on The Far Left Side's Facebook page. I am inclined to respond in the manner that I think the author of the Book of Job was getting at in the speeches towards the end of that book. If you can make a better universe, be my guest! There are lots of things [Read More...]

Philosophy Referee Hand Signals

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Noah’s Cats

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Perfecter of our Faith

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Stay Thirsty, Creationists

Another meme about the most interesting God in the world, courtesy of God of Evolution.   [Read more...]

Unsolicited Feedback Form

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Bro, Do You Even Scholarship? (With Eye Roll)

Thanks to Bob Cargill for making this, which features the image that initially gave me the idea for the meme which I shared here recently. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it then, but Bob has rectified things. [Read more...]