So You Want To Win The Super Bowl Next Year?

If so, there seems to be a trend… HT Bob Cargill. No, this isn’t good theology. But as long as so many people believe that God cares what team wins, then hopefully they will at least draw out the logical implications from such beliefs. Neil deGrasse Tyson offered an astute sports-related theological observation: And of [Read More...]

Superb Owl

Apparently there is some sort of event tonight for nerds, which given the title, I am guessing involves rewatching the classic version of Clash of the Titans. But I don’t see that in the TV Guide…   Image via Tom Bolin and Bob Cargill on Facebook. [Read more...]

Well, That Escalated Quickly

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Wilderness Wandering: There’s an App for That

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When Churches Try To Compete With The Super Bowl

HT Jeremy Myers     [Read more...]

Praising Academic Achievement FAIL

I spotted this at a local high school today: [Read more...]

Ken Ham’s New Stance vs. the Doctor’s

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Groundhog Day

What does it mean if I go outside today and don't see my groundhog?     [Read more...]

The Sermon on the American Mount

Another gem from Jeff Carter. This time he gives what most Americans seem to think Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount: You have heard it said, “Do not resist an evil person,” but I tell you “shoot first,” it’s your second amendment duty to shoot bad guys.    If anyone slaps you on the [Read More...]

… And Also With You

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Dalek Evangelism

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