Asia – Holy War

Click the above to listen to the song. The lyrics are here.   [Read more...]

Half Life

The YouTube video above is of a very rough recording (one take, live, just me and a guitar) of a rough draft of a song that I started writing a while ago, when a niece of mine died. It was at that point just some rough ideas, snippets of lyrics, articulated as an outlet for [Read More...]

Perfecter of our Faith

From Sacred Sandwich   [Read more...]

2014 String Scholars Concert

Here are videos from this year’s String Scholars Camp, run by the Butler Community Arts School at Butler University, with Richard Auldon Clark conducting: [Read more...]


A rock opera about the nativity. Click the videos below to watch it on YouTube. [Read more...]

Glück das mir verblieb

The aria above is from Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s opera Die Tote Stadt. Korngold is one of my favorite composers, and so I’ve been looking for songs of his to learn. You will most often hear this sung nowadays by sopranos, such as Renee Fleming. But in the opera it is a duet, and it works [Read More...]

The Dead Scrolls

I met a member of the band The Dead Squirrels recently. When he told me the name of his band, I misheard it and thought he said “The Dead Scrolls” and so I asked, “As in the Dead Sea Scrolls?” When I realized my mistake, I explained what line of work I am in. Professional hazard, [Read More...]

Neglected Romantic Piano Concertos

Have a listen to the piece above, which I lamented on a previous occasion is not easy to find. It is the piano concerto by Ilmari Hannikainen. I love it when people upload hard to find music to YouTube! This is a really enjoyable piano concerto of the Romantic era, and it deserves to be [Read More...]

Society for the Study of Music and the Bible

I had a conversation yesterday with fellow New Testament scholar Holly Hearon, and the conversation found its way to a topic of mutual interest, the intersection between music and our primary fields of research and teaching. I soon found myself persuaded that we need a society that brings together (online at least to begin with, [Read More...]

Abraham and Isaac Live

As you will gather from the video above, the title of this post indicates not that these two patriarchs live, but that the video is a live performance of Benjamin Britten’s canticle “Abraham and Isaac.” See Bob Macdonald’s blog for another performance, and the text that Britten set here. Of related interest (since the story is one [Read More...]

Epic of Gilgamesh Sung in Sumerian

The above video, featuring Peter Pringle singing the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh in the original language while playing a replica of an ancient Sumerian instrument is very cool. Below is another video in which he plays a replica of a lyre depicted on a relief in Megiddo in Israel. HT The Cultural Mosaic [Read more...]