LOST Rewatch: Through the Looking Glass

This two-part season finale starts with what we assume to be a flashback, but later learn is a flash forward. Jack is taking an Oceanic flight, and spots an obituary in the newspaper, which he tears out. It brings him to tears when in his car after landing. He makes a phone call, but doesn’t [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Greatest Hits

Jack tells the survivors that Juliette told him about the plan of the Others to take the pregnant women. Jack got Danielle to bring dynamite from the Black Rock. Instead of hiding again, they are going to mark the tents as Juliette was supposed to, and when the Others show up, Jack says, we’re going [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Man Behind the Curtain

This episode has Ben claiming that he is the last person to have been born on the island, and the only one who has seen Jacob, the man to whom he answers. Ben says that Jacob is not a man you go and see – he is a man who summons you. Locke thinks Ben [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Brig

We learn that the Others have been eagerly awaiting Locke’s arrival among them. Ben tells Locke that Locke brought his father to the island. Ben tells Locke that he isn’t ready to join the Others, because he is still bound by the person he was before he came to the island. Everyone needs to make [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: D.O.C.

In a flashback, a woman on a bench claims that Jin is not just the son of a fisherman, but the son of a prostitute, and asks for money from Sun to keep the secret. Sun finds Mr. Kwon, Jin’s father. He tells her that Jin’s mother was with many men, and left him with [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Catch-22

Desmond sees a flash which involves not just Charlie’s death, but also someone coming to the island. He thinks it will be Penny, and so this time he wants the future that he has glimpsed to come about. Desmond takes Charlie, Hurley, and Jin “camping.” Then they hear a helicopter, and see someone “eject” from [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: One of Us

“One of Us” focuses on the story of Juliette and how she came to the island. Juliette, left behind by the Others, is taken along by Jack against Sayid’s objections. When they are alone, Sayid asks Juliette who “you people” are and why they make lists, kidnap children, and terrorize people, as well as who [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Left Behind

In a flashback, Kate helps Cassidy avoid having the police called when she tries to scam someone at a gas station. Kate is calling herself Lucy. When asked why she chose that name, Kate mentions it being a saint’s name, and having learned them all in Sunday school. It is interesting that Kate justifies having [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Expose

This is really the only episode in which Nikki and Paolo are at all the focus. It is strange to recall how much fans spoke about them and were annoyed by the alleged prominence given to them. They actually feature very little, and are no more of a focus than Artz and other characters who [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Man from Talahassee

In flashbacks, a man named Peter Talbot goes to see John Locke, concerned about a man whom his mother is marrying. Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper, is now going by a different name, and had married Peter’s mother. Peter found him because of the record of the kidney donation. Locke pretends it was an anonymous donation [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Par Avion

The episode begins with a flashback of Claire being in a car accident. She comes around, but her mother has been thrown through the car windshield and is lying on the street. The mother ends up on life support, and Dr. Woodruff says the cost of her treatment is being taken care of by someone [Read More...]