LOST Rewatch: Lockdown

In a flashback, we see Locke planning to propose to Helen. She reads the obituaries and says Anthony Cooper, Locke’s father, has died. They go to the burial. A minister reads from 1 Thessalonians about the resurrection. Locke says he forgives his father. Later, we see Locke working as a home inspector – giving a [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Whole Truth

In flashbacks, we learn of Sun and Jin struggling to conceive. We also see Sun meeting with the man from the earlier date, to learn English. A fertility doctor says that there is no way for Jin and Sun to conceive. The doctor says the problem is with her, but later confesses that he lied, [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Maternity Leave

This episode focuses on Aaron having a fever and rash. Danielle shows up in camp, and says he is “infected.” Jack suggests it is rosiola, common in children. Claire starts to remember something, and asks Libby to help her recover her memories, since she thinks that the others did something to her baby. Libby tries [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: One of Them

The episode begins with a flashback of Sayid overseeing shredding of documents, and then being captured by American soldiers during the Iraq war. They get Sayid to help them interrogate his former commanding officer, Tariq. Inman shows to Sayid video indicating that Tariq used Sarin gas in a village where Sayid had relatives. Danielle Rousseau [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Long Con

The episode begins with Jack and Locke in the armory. When Jack asks whether they should leave the heroin in the statues, Locke asks Jack if he wants to break seven Virgin Marys, saying he’s superstitious. In a flashback, we see Sawyer getting caught trying to con a woman, Cassidy. She asks him to teach [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The 23rd Psalm

In a flashback, we see a boy taken by militants and told to shoot an old man. His older brother runs and does it so that his younger brother will not have to. We learn that that was Mr. Eko. The militants take him, taking off his cross necklace and throwing it on the ground, [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: What Kate Did

The episode starts with the contrast between Sun and Jin’s bliss being reunited, and Sayid digging a grave. Sawyer tells Jack that he loves Kate. Later, Kate kisses Jack. While Kate is picking fruit in the jungle, she sees a black horse. In a flashback, we see a man come home drunk. Kate helps him [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Fire + Water

The episode starts with a scene of a painting of the baptism of Jesus. It is Christmas morning, and Charlie gets a piano. His mother talks of his talent and the hope that he will save them. It is a dream, and we hear the whispers as Charlie imagines Aaron in the piano, now on [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Hunting Party

The episode starts with a flashback of an Italian man who has come to Jack for surgery in a spinal tumor, hoping for a miracle, having heard about his previous miraculous case. In a later flashback we learn the surgery was unsuccessful. And later still, we see Sarah, Jack’s wife, leave him, saying that he [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Collision (aka. Old Habits)

This episode focuses in flashbacks of Ana-Lucia’s life, as a police officer who is currently off work because of something that happened. The “old habits” part of the title is immediately seen as Ana holds everyone at gunpoint, after she shoots Shannon and then Sayid charges her with a gun. She has Sayid tied up. [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Other 48 Days

This was possibly the first complete episode of LOST that I ever saw, as I started watching in the second season. It takes us through the story of the tailies as they find themselves on a beach, elsewhere on the island. Early in this episode, we have our eye drawn at one point to a [Read More...]