The Grandfatherly First Doctor

Many Doctor Who fans have commented on how old William Hartnell looked at 55 compared to Peter Capaldi at the same age. There is a reason for that: Hartnell wore a wig for the part, and also acted impressively well to portray a character who was supposed to be quite ancient, and not merely elderly. [Read More...]

Happy Birthday, Colin Baker!

Today is Colin Baker's 70th birthday. And so, to mark the occasion and express my appreciation, I thought I would repost some thoughts I shared when I blogged about “The Twin Dilemma”: When Colin Baker took on the role of the Doctor, something marvellous occurred. More than ever since the first regeneration, there were moments [Read More...]

Matt Smith Will Be Leaving Doctor Who

The news reached me by way of IO9. Matt Smith has announced that he will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the year, after the Christmas special. You can read the full statement from Smith on the BBC web site, and more on the story on the BBC Doctor Who blog or in [Read More...]