Rapture ‘Round the Blogosphere

There are so many posts about Harold Camping and his (latest) prediction, and about Rapture prediction in general, around the blogs that I read, that I feel like I ought to link to some of them. Rachel Held Evans blogs about the Great Disappointment, as does Marc Cortez. Scott Bailey posts about the piece in [Read More...]

The Most Pure Bible?

I had someone ask me the following question on Facebook, and thought it might be of interest to a wider audience: In your opinion as a Theologist, what is considered the most pure Bible. I want to read the Bible in it’s purest form that hasn’t been edited to benefit anyone. Any suggestions? After asking [Read More...]

Challenge to Anti-Intellectual Christians

This is a repost of something I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a challenge to those Christians who denigrate scholarship as causing confusion and inappropriately asking questions and raising issues. Just read the Bible for yourself, without the aid of scholarship. Sounds simple, right? Sounds like just what you wanted to do? Not so [Read More...]

Biblical Literalism in the New Jerusalem [a short story]

The story which appeared here in an earlier draft will be available in Touching the Face of the Cosmos edited by Paul Levinson. [Read more...]