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Employers, Religion, and Insurance

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Uploaded to the Cloud

This cartoon came to my attention via Facebook. I’ve long observed that the terminology we use for our files and information parallels the language some Christians use about the afterlife: “saved” and “lost.” And so I can readily see a technological metaphor catching on in reciprocal fashion. But is uploading the same thing as continuing [Read More...]

The Machine

Existential comics has a nice comic strip dealing with the philosophical issues related to teleportation and imaginary technology like the transporter on Star Trek. Click through to read the rest. [Read more...]

My First New Year’s Resolution

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Every Time a Bell Rings

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The First No “L”

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Buzzfeed Christmas

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A Wise Man’s Footsteps

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How Christmas Shopping is Like Going to Church

David Hayward shared this cartoon: I think it is hilarious. But it makes some serious points. The oddity of giving people a certain time and saying that this will be “fellowship” time or “worship” is distinctly odd, and that oddity is only missed when we have be ome accustomed to this way of doing things. [Read More...]

Creationist Linguistics

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