Preview of the Creation Museum Debate

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Noah’s Arc

I hope I remember to share this the next time I see someone write “arc” instead of “ark.” [Read more...]

Hellfire and Dalmatians

Via Eric Funston. This is a different, more fundamentalist variety of the canine religion shared in a cartoon in an earlier post.   [Read more...]

Unslippery Slope

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The First Take-Out Rib Joint

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Canine Sermon

Yesterday’s Bizarro depicts what a dog sermon might sound like – assuming they view humans as angels. It is useful to imagine how other creatures might think about the divine, to remind us how much our own perspective is distinctively human, constrained and influenced by our particular perspective on the world. [Read more...]

A Cold Day in Hell

Yesterday’s Non Sequitur comic depicted how many people in North America might be reimagining hell in light of recent weather. [Read more...]

Creationist Alternative to Peer Review

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This Is My Father’s World

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The Genesis of Holy Wars

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Know Your Bible Versions

The above cartoon comes from Adam4d. I would have liked to see the NRSV with apocrypha on there, with a tweed jacket with elbow pads and professorial-looking spectacles… Which other translations could be added, and how would you depict and describe them? [Read more...]