Joy and Sorrow in a Church Service

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Robotic Church

I was intrigued to see the New York Times article today about something called “Robotic Church.” While one can find lots of examples of human beings going through the motions, this is about an artist bringing together multiple robotic creations of his, capable of making music, together in one place in Brooklyn to “make a [Read More...]

Syria and the Church

Today in my Sunday school class, we started off talking about the separation of church and state, and by the end we were talking about Syria. Syria also came up in the sermon, which was on Psalm 3, the first lament in the Psalter. I found my thoughts turning to Syria in one of my [Read More...]

Surf to Song Number…

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Church Trap

Via Cris Campbell, I learned of the above image from Cory Doctorow. There are lots of things that one might say about it. But certainly all would agree that there are churches and other institutions which lure people in under false pretenses. I would much prefer honesty. Rather than promising answers we cannot give, why [Read More...]


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Close the Door Behind You!

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Exit Row

From Cartoon Church. My church doesn't have a first class option, but at least it also doesn't have cramped exit row seating either…   [Read more...]

Why Hymnbooks are Better

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Easy Mistake to Make

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GameChurch at #GenCon

Today I've been at GenCon most of the day. There is free wi-fi only in the food court, so I haven't been able to post as I go throughout the morning. I got to meet Peter Davison (I used the good camera for that photo, so it won't appear here until later), and play some [Read More...]