Makes the Trip Seem Quicker

This cartoon from the New Yorker popped up on Facebook as I am sitting in Baltimore airport, waiting for my flight back to Indianapolis. And so it seemed timely as well as funny. But it is interesting to reflect on which religious and non-religious activities are just versions of the same thing, done for comparable [Read More...]


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The Future of Evangelism?

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Dark Side Evangelism

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Honest Door-to-Door Salespeople/Evangelists

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Passive Aggressive Bumper Sticker Evangelism

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Converting to the Scientific Method

I saw this cartoon on Facebook. I have never encountered anyone who tried to win people to the scientific method this way. But it does raise the question of how we should spread the good news about our ever-improving understanding of the world through the application of science. Sometimes it is something one is brought [Read More...]

Missing Step 2

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Random Acts of Evangelism

This image came my way on Facebook. I know from experience the look on the faces of people who came to my door and tried to start a conversation with me about their faith by asking if I ever read the Bible, and I responded by mentioning that my PhD was on the Gospel of [Read More...]

Alien Evangelism

The notion of humans evangelizing extraterrestrials, or vice versa, has been a staple of science fiction for some time. IO9 recently shared the above depiction of such a scene. What do you think would happen? How do you think the conversation would unfold? [Read more...]

The Gospel of Doctor Who

A cartoon from several years ago has been getting attention today. I shared it once before, but without the second part. And so here it is again, from the cartoon series “Home on the Strange“: “Who is your savior?” This actually connects up directly with the topic that we discussed in my class on religion [Read More...]