Undergrad History of Religion

I just discovered a Tumblr site called “UndergradHist.” Below are a few of my favorites related to religion, but please do click through and check out some of the others. They are all based on actual quotes from student assignments, and very funny. And to top it all off, here is a coping mechanism for [Read More...]


From Viz magazine, via Matthew Morgenstern. I know some of you who are reading this will be very disappointed that this isn't a real thing…   [Read more...]

Secret Heaven Test

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Easter Cake

That’s one way of depicting the resurrection. Via Christian Funny Pictures. [Read more...]

Jurassic Palm Sunday

Via Jeff Carter and Unvirtuous Abbey on Facebook   [Read more...]

How Geeks Read The Bible

Via Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook [Read more...]

Ken Ham Explains Stonehenge

HT Jeff Carter   [Read more...]

Neglected Units of Measurement

Via Allan Bevere on Facebook   [Read more...]


When I saw this on Facebook I couldn't stop laughing. Hope you enjoyed it too!   [Read more...]

May Contain Nuts and BS

Jim Linville mentioned on his blog that he has had a paper accepted for the Blogger and Online Publication session at next November’s annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The title is: May Contain Nuts and B.S. (Biblical Studies): The Politics of Academic Legitimacy Online and the Need to Properly Theorize the Category “@%!#*! Loonie” It [Read More...]

Research Terminology Explained

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