FAQ For Students Regarding the Rapture

Since my post sharing the gem below from SpoonBlog has been getting a lot of traffic, I thought I’d cross-post it here on my new blog location as well… FAQ for my Students: The Rapture Q: With the rapture coming, should I bother working on my final paper? A: Yes. The odds are you will [Read More...]

Superman Visits the UK

By Aviv Or, via The Daily What: [Read more...]

FEMA Helps Rescue Millions of Blogs and Comments Caught in Google Blogger Disaster

As people around the country reeled from the collapse of Blogger, FEMA teams quickly sprang into action and, through their quick wits and patient rescue efforts, managed to save comments, posts, and in some cases whole blogs that might otherwise have been lost in the cyber-landslide that afflicted Blogger this past Thursday. Lone FEMA rescue [Read More...]

Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of Writer’s Block Documented in Peer-Reviewed Journal

This is hilarious (HT Dorothy King): [Read more...]