Sycamore School on the Discovery Channel

A great local school for gifted children, Sycamore School, located here in Indianapolis, has been profiled on a series on the Discovery Channel. Here’s a video of the episode: [Read more...]

Testing 1, 2, 3

As regular readers will know, I will be traveling to Israel in a little less than 2 weeks’ time. I am intending to blog about the trip as it unfolds, and so this is a test to make sure that including photos taken using my iPad in my blog posts will work smoothly. For the [Read More...]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Space Rays

IO9 posted a photo of a sign that is apparently to be found here in Indianapolis. I’ve never seen it, but now that I know it is out there, I’ll be looking for it. Here’s the sign: It’s almost as good as the one Charles Schmidt posted and Mark Goodacre spread the word about. [Read more...]