LOST Rewatch: I Do

Jack tells Ben how severe his tumor is, but indicates that he doesn’t plan to operate, since he doesn’t see any reason to trust them to let him go afterwards. Juliette brings Kate to see Jack. Kate asks Jack to do the operation, saying that otherwise they will kill Sawyer. Jack is unconvinced that the [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Cost of Living

The episide begins with a flashback of Eko’s childhood. He breaks into a locked storeroom. Eko is told by a nun that he is a sinner, but Eko protests that Yemi was hungry. Then, on the island, Eko sees Yemi, who tells him that it is time to confess, to be judged. In flashbacks, we [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Tale of Two Cities

The first episode of season 3 starts with an eye, for the first time in a long time. It is Juliet’s eye. We see her baking, and then at a book club, discussing her favorite book. The house shakes, and they run outside. We see Ben, and then in the sky, we see the break-up of [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Live Together, Die Alone

The finale to season 2 picks up where the previous episode left off, with excitement as a boat is seen off shore. Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer swim out to it. It turns out to be Desmond. He has been drinking heavily. He says he sailed due west the whole time and should have been in [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Three Minutes

This episode takes us back to Michael’s story, from when he knocked Locke out and headed off. Michael got instructions from Walt or whoever was pretending to be him via the computer. And so he heads north. Thirteen days before the present, we see Michael heading due north. He sees one of the Others and [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: ?

Eko has a dream in which he is building a church. He says he was told to in a dream. In the dream, Ana tells him that he needs to help John. Then he sees Yemi in the hatch. Yemi tells Eko that the work there is important, and that John has lost his way, [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: S. O. S.

Bernard and Rose are organizing food. Rose says she was raised never to question her blessings. Bernard tries to organize people to make a sign that planes flying overhead might see. Rose tells him that he is giving the people false hope. In flashbacks, we see how Bernard and Rose first meet. Then five months [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Dave

The episode starts with Hurley and Libby jogging. Hurley confesses that he kept quite a bit of food from the hatch. He dumps the food, and says he feels free. Then people go running past – to the place where a new supply of food had been dropped. Standing by it, Hurley sees someone and [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: The Long Con

The episode begins with Jack and Locke in the armory. When Jack asks whether they should leave the heroin in the statues, Locke asks Jack if he wants to break seven Virgin Marys, saying he’s superstitious. In a flashback, we see Sawyer getting caught trying to con a woman, Cassidy. She asks him to teach [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Fire + Water

The episode starts with a scene of a painting of the baptism of Jesus. It is Christmas morning, and Charlie gets a piano. His mother talks of his talent and the hope that he will save them. It is a dream, and we hear the whispers as Charlie imagines Aaron in the piano, now on [Read More...]

LOST Rewatch: Hunting Party

The episode starts with a flashback of an Italian man who has come to Jack for surgery in a spinal tumor, hoping for a miracle, having heard about his previous miraculous case. In a later flashback we learn the surgery was unsuccessful. And later still, we see Sarah, Jack’s wife, leave him, saying that he [Read More...]