Sainted by Starbucks

I went to Starbucks today. The barista asked my name, and then wrote this: [Read more...]

Stars and Bucks

There were a number of interesting places to drink coffee and/or eat around Israel. One that the students on my recent trip found particularly amusing was “Stars and Bucks” Cafe: We also came across this homemade sign: I particularly appreciated this place’s name: However, when in Jerusalem I prefer to get what the locals call [Read More...]

St. Arbucks

For those who may not have seen this already (I shared it here about a year ago). Episcopal Church Memes shared it today on Facebook, adding the following comment: Icon of St. Arbucks, patron saint of coffee hour and coffee drinkers. It is said that he once survived for an entire year, consuming nothing except [Read More...]

Skarobucks Coffee

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Deathstarbucks Coffee

Via Star Roarz on Facebook [Read more...]

St. Arbucks: The New Patron Saint of Scholars

HT Jim West   [Read more...]

What if Starbucks Marketed Like Churches?

Via Mike Friesen [Read more...]