Doctor Who and Cindy-Lou

The Doctor Who ending to the Grinch's tale, as depicted by artist Paul Hostetler   [Read more...]

Whovian Paper Size

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Mr. Bean’s Whovian Nativity

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Whovian Wedding Idea

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Whovian Theology

A blog was recently brought to my attention. It reflects a relative newcomer to Doctor Who, who is blogging about the show, and reflecting in the process on their own shift away from a more fundamentalist approach to religion. It is called Whovian Theology. [Read more...]

Whovian Valentines

And there are many more around the internet, so keep searching! [Read more...]

Matthew 7:24-27, Whovian Version

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Who Is Your Savior?

Phil Plait shared several links related to Doctor Who and religion – from this video on the PBS Idea Channel, asking “Is Doctor Who a Religion?”… …to this comic at Home on the Strange about a Whovian responding to a door-to-door evangelist: [Read more...]