Creative Giving Ideas: 10 Better Ways to Give

Have you ever given a gift and it just didn’t have the effect you desired?Maybe you’ve given one too many gift cards and you’re ready for something different – something creative!There are better ways you can give - the Bible even has something to say about it!  Below are some better ways you can give and make someone’s day! Whether you are giving to a stranger or someone you know, they’ll be sure to love these gift ideas. 1. Send a plain white card with one compliment inside. The simpl … [Read more...]

Life Balance: How to Keep it Together

 In this ever-changing world in which we live, all of us feel a little “un-balanced “ at times in our lives. What can we do to help us recognize what is causing that unbalanced feeling and how should we go about fixing it?Let’s first identify some of the areas in our lives that we must keep in balance. There are home responsibilities, work responsibilities, community responsibilities, religious responsibilities, educational responsibilities, and social responsibilities – to name just … [Read more...]

Be Still

For many people, God and football go in the Sunday box, chores go into the Saturday box, and work, stress, and more stress go into the Monday through Friday box. Sometimes, we will take a vacation day to get some chores done, or we might take a full week off for a stressful road-trip somewhere. Of course, before we go on this stressful trip, we need to worry about:AccommodationsBathroom stopsFoodWhich highways we hate because we got stuck last yearWhich busy cities to … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Live Healthier Now

As a blog that seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire you to manage your money wisely, it’s only natural to discuss issues related to finance here. Money, however, is merely a tool to be used to accomplish your life goals.And in order to accomplish your life goals, two other things you’ll need are energy and good health. In other words, without energy and good health, you won’t be able to enjoy your money.So if you’d like to live a healthier life, here are eight ways to improve the healt … [Read more...]

How to Push Past Procrastination With Proper Planning

Do you know what the most powerful tool for overcoming procrastination and increasing your productivity is? According to Brian Tracy, author of the bestselling productivity book “Eat That Frog,” it’s your ability to plan.Yep. In fact, making plans, setting goals, and taking action on them largely determines the course of your life. Or, as time management guru Alec Mackenzie puts it: "Taking action without thinking things through is a prime source of problems."Here are proven ways to get m … [Read more...]

Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

A wide selection of specialties that include but are not limited to the rehabilitation of junior and senior public offenders, law enforcement, and crime prevention are what an online criminal justice degree program will introduce you to. Students will get an introduction to the United States legal system, as well as knowledge about the enforcement of law in the country. Depending on the online criminal justice degree program, some may have hands-on study and training to work in localized … [Read more...]

Improve Your Workplace Skills with ALISON

I’m sure most of you will agree that getting a quality education is important. It provides us with an opportunity to learn a skill or develop an ability that will improve our lives in some way.Nowadays, however, the cost of tuition prohibits many from getting a higher education. How many of you graduated from college with student loan debt? How many of you are still paying it off?Well, in an effort to make high-quality educational material available to the entire world regardless of o … [Read more...]


I’ve never been in a position to make substantial money, but now that I have a college degree and training in specialized fields, I’m set up for making some pretty good dough. And let me tell you, I’m gonna make it, and I’m gonna spend it. On anything I want. And why shouldn’t I? I deserve it at this point. I want to buy the things that I’ve always wanted to buy. There’s so much stuff I want.When you think about it, stuff is what really matters because it’s what lasts. People come and go. I k … [Read more...]

How to Add 5 Years to Your Life and $63,000 to Your Bank Account

What would you do if you could easily add 5 years to your life, and over $63,000 to your bank account?Would you spend more quality time to develop a deeper relationship with your children? Would you pursue another degree to increase your earning power? Would you go on a dream vacation to a part of the world you’ve never been to? Would you earn more money with a side job?Many times, we say we want these things, but it seems that there are always two big mountains that hold us back.Time a … [Read more...]

50 Inspiring Quotes About Life

Great quotations offer inspiration and encouragement; they allow people to learn from the wisdom of previous generations, and from their contemporaries as well. Some of the best quotes about life are listed here.If you found these life quotes to be inspirational, hit the +1 button!50 Inspiring Quotes About Life1. “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein2. “The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does a … [Read more...]