Tackling Student Loans

$37,172 This is the average debt load a student will end up with after graduating college.  If you’re like the 66% of all undergraduate students who have taken a student loan, you probably want to get rid of those things as fast as possible.It’s easy to get caught up in the borrowing maze in college and managing your loans can become a headache quite fast.  With lenders selling your loan to other places and changing their name – it’s hard to keep everything straight!Here are a few things … [Read more...]

Income Tax Calculator: 3 Federal Income Tax Estimators

With tax season around the corner, you might be itching to file your taxes right away.  Some people like to file as early as possible, while others are still looking for the answer to their question: when are taxes are due? If you don’t have all your tax forms yet, but want to estimate what your federal income tax return looks like, you’re in luck.  There are a few tools available for you to estimate what your return might look like. If you haven’t already received your W-2 or 1099s in the mail … [Read more...]