Religion vs Reasoning Skills

Have you ever wondered what part human reasoning might play in religious belief and/or spiritual growth and maturity? It turns out a Swiss researcher in cognitive and religious development has studied this in depth. K. Helmut Reich, holding doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Theology, has determined that human reasoning skills continue to develop throughout adulthood, and that different people reach a higher final reasoning level than others. He has gone so far as to … [Read more...]

Beware about Back to Church Sunday!

As part of a growing national movement to ignite "spiritual awakening" in America, more than 14,000 churches are expected to invite people to come back to church on National Back To Church Sunday (NBTCS), Sept. 16, 2012. sounds like a very good movement – until you consider two things:1)          The organization’s statement of faith includes only the most insular and parochial view of spirituality. It … [Read more...]

Beyond the Ten Commandments

Our world has changed since the Ten Commandments were written.  It is time we stop limiting our morality to the avoidance of graven images and covetous feelings toward our neighbor’s goods. In fact, it is time we realize that in today’s complex society, morality has to be about much more than a bunch of “thou shalt not’s!”  How about a few positive messages, or “thou shalt’s?” Realizing that many traditionally religious people depend on the Ten Commandments for right living and recog … [Read more...]