What Jesus Learned from a Courageous Woman (and what we can learn too!)

One of the more fascinating stories in the Gospels that many Christians conveniently ignore is Jesus’ encounter with the Canaanite woman in Matthew 19:21-28 (par. Mark 7:24-30). Here is how it reads in the NRSV: Jesus left that place and went away to the district of Tyre and Sidon. Just then a Canaanite woman from [Read More...]

Religious Faith and the Crisis at Our Border

Rev. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas told Fox News recently that he thinks that the most compassionate thing we could do is secure the border. He thinks Jesus would build a fence around the border to keep all these children from coming in. He said, “If you’re a homeowner with a swimming [Read More...]

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Is On the Wrong Side of History

The church I pastor (Immanuel Baptist Church, Frankfort, Kentucky) is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a group that broke away from the fundamentalist dominated Southern Baptist Convention in 1991. Cecil Sherman was the first Executive Coordinator of CBF and I distinctly remember the story he shared with a small group of pastors that met [Read More...]