The Questions of Lent: To Give Up or Not to Give Up?


Our Facebook Lenten Question of the Week series launched last week with this: How Might a Progressive Christian Approach Lent?  Throughout the week, our fantastic bloggers posted a number of thoughtful and inspiring responses. Some of the standouts included: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove:  The Fast We’ve Chosen: Begging with our Friends Kurt Willems:  Ash Wednesday: Because Sometimes Rich [Read More...]

Walking Through Lent: Progressive Christians on the Journey


Once considered the liturgical purview of the Catholics, Lent – the 40-day period from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday before Easter - has become more and more embraced as a liturgical season with legs within the Protestant church. With the comfort level of spiritual practices on the rise in mainstream congregations for the past decade, progressive [Read More...]

The Passionate Jesus: A Q&A with Author Peter Wallace


How often have you stifled a deeply emotional response to a person or situation – or even yourself – out of a sense of wanting to be “a good Christian?” In a new book, The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy and Living Authentically, the Rev. Peter Wallace challenges our [Read More...]