Leading in Changing Times: A Q&A with Pastor Michael W. Foss

“The biggest challenge churches have is casting a vision for ministry that is compelling. And by compelling I mean one that can create enough energy and hope to overcome our addiction to the past.” — Rev. Michael W. Foss, author, Reviving the Congregation This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring a new book [Read More…]

Stump a Bible Scholar: What About Israel?

Think you can stump a scholar? No question is too tough or too radical (this IS the Bible after all — a tough, radical book) for our new Stump a Scholar series at Patheos Progressive Christian. Every Tuesday, we’ll answer your questions about the Bible, Christian history, the Church, theology; and we’re bringing in the experts to tackle your [Read More…]

Finding Jesus: Ben Corey on What’s Missing in American Christianity

“The more I wrote about the radical nature of Jesus’ message, the more I felt willing, one hundred times over, to completely sacrifice whatever it takes to continue living it out.” — Benjamin Corey, author, Undiluted The summer of 2014 has been a rich one for Patheos Progressive Christian authors. In the past several months, we’ve seen new releases [Read More…]