Technology and Faith: On Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” and the Loss of Privacy


Mae Holland, the protagonist in Dave Egger’s terrifying novel The Circle, lands a dream job at the world’s largest innovative tech company. Think Google, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, and Amazon amalgamated into one mega-corporation. Midway into the novel she turns a device on (the company calls the device SeeChange) that makes her life “transparent” to the [Read More...]

PostChristian: Christian Piatt on the Church and the Future of Faith


“There is no question that Christianity as a religion has been in need of a refining fire for some time, and it’s not surprising that the idea is met with some fear and self-preserving instinct. But if we truly trust that it is a fire of perfection and not consumption, what do we have to [Read More...]

Global Violence Against Women and Girls: Weep with Me and Then Work with Me


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a live chat on the new book The Cross and Gendercide: A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls by Elizabeth Gerhardt. The compelling and timely conversation featured Gerhardt, a theology and social ethics professor, and guests Shayne Moore (author, blogger, activist), Kyle Roberts [Read More...]