The Cross: My Answer to My Daughter’s Question, “Why Did God Make Sickness?”

in Golgotha, at the Cross, humanity spoke violence and God spoke love, and the cross became the Rosetta stone. [Read more…]

The Cross, Part 6: They Should Have Sent a Poet

Like most six-year-olds on their first day of school, I remember sitting excited and terrified.  My desk was made of grey metal and blonde wood, with a square laminate tabletop angled in such a way that your pencil rattled down if it wasn’t placed in the dark groove.  In the right corner was my name, [Read More…]

The Cross, Part 5: What is it Good For?

Imagine a courtroom where the worst kind of criminal has just been convicted of a heinous crime. Everyone wants to see this guy sentenced to the full extent of the law. Everyone, that is, except his widowed mother. Before the judge is able to make public how justice is about to be served, the tearful [Read More…]